Frequently Asked Questions

Where will the virtual performing arts classes take place?

All of our classes will be held live on Zoom! The unique link for each class will be located in your Members Area, as well as sent in an email to you. Our afternoon classes (Fitness and Stretching/Mindfulness are done in a Webinar format, so kids will not be able to see other children for these classes. All of our other classes are limited to 10-20 students and students will be able to interact!

What if I only want my child to take 1 class for the month?

1 Class for the month is $20, this includes 4 sessions (1 per week).

If I get the unlimited pass will my child have to take all of the classes?

No, they definitely don't have to take all of the classes! They can try different classes out and see what they like. We wanted to offer a variety of classes to appeal to everyone and be able to expand your students horizon

How does billing work?

We start with a 7 day free trial! After 7 days the card you have on file will be charged. All unlimited memberships will be charged each month on the same day. You will continue to be charged until you cancel.

I purchased an adult class pack and am having trouble booking classes!

Don't panic! Make sure you log in first- it will ask if you have an account. Then make sure you click "Redeem from Pricing Plan" when checking out. If you have tried all that then email us at and we can look at your account. If its less than 30 min before class call us at 929-400-7014 for immediate help!

I have a gift card, and can't figure out how to redeem it!

First create a log in account and then send us an email letting us know you have a gift card. Then we will add your plan to your account and you will be able to book your classes!