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A New Way To Learn

Happy Halloween my sprouting artists!!! I hope you have some sweet and spooky plans for the weekend! Seeds Arts is getting wild and expanding our class repertoire into an Adult/Teen learning series! We just added an LYT yoga class to our schedule! Dr. Megan Andrus will be offering an LYT yoga class for us next Saturday Morning 10am EST/ 9am CT. She joins us from Kansas City, MS, isn't that wild! The ability for the internet to bring us all together never stops short of wonder and amazement for me, especially during this trying time for the world.

LYT Yoga is a style of yoga developed by a physical therapist. It integrates yogic principles with physical therapy practices to increase body awareness. It is beneficial in helping to improve strength, flexibility, posture, and balance. Who wouldn't want that? I personally took my first LYT yoga class with Megan last week and it was wild! Not what I expected, but so much more than what I thought I needed from my yoga practice. I left feeling strong, centered, balanced in my mind and body, and a release in my muscles I was not expecting from this more physically and mentally demanding style of yoga. I hope that doesn't scare you! It was also super fun, and Megan is a kind, knowledgeable, and personable teacher. Check her out!

Megan Yoga Flyer
Download PDF • 2.47MB

This class is the first of many as we are starting to add weekly learning experiences for our older teens and adults.

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