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Pre Holiday Warm up!

It's almost the holidays, and what a different looking season this is than many before it. A lot of the country is facing mandatory lockdowns, and large gatherings are strongly discouraged. Ugh! For many of us this time of year is the only time we get to see many family members, so being without them can feel upsetting. If this is you, know that I am feeling this strain myself and I completely understand the frustration and sadness that seems to be looming over these upcoming holidays.

But it doesn't have to be this way! We have done so much this year in expanding our ideas of togetherness. Online interactions may not be perfect, but they are oh so much better than the alternative. (which is no interaction) Whether your struggling to see the bright side this time of year, or you are a master of optimism and positive thinking, we are here for you through it all!

Seeds Arts has steadily been adding adult classes to our schedule to start beefing up a family online learning experience. If you haven't checked out our Adult/Teen Weekly Series this might be the week to try! All drop in rates are currently only $8/person. This coming Saturday 11/21 @10:30am EST Sara Kohler will be leading us through a 45 min yoga flow to help us amp up our energy for this pre holiday weekend . In addition, on Thanksgiving Day morning @8:30am EST Shelby Burgess, AKA Steady Heart Yoga, will be leading us through a gratitude infused yoga flow followed by a meditation to help us all give thanks for this peculiar season we have found ourselves in.

We have also introduced office and family arts themed parties to the menu! If your office team is looking for a fun and new way to socially distanced celebrate a year's hard work we are happy to host! Maybe a Salsa dance class with a Margarita interlude? Or a Yoga and Mimosas morning flow? Sounds super fun!

There are so many new and exciting opportunities happening at Seeds Arts! Amanda and I cannot wait to share it all with you, so keep your eyes peeled for more updates! We also will be having a Black Friday Sale on class packages, so get ready to stock up and save money. Just like you all, we are growing every day, and with growth comes greater needs for expression. We can't wait to act, sing, dance, listen and expand with you all!

All our Best,

Kayla & Amanda