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School Programs

We know that virtual learning has created new challenges in field trips and keeping students engaged. We are now offering Virtual Field Trips where students get the experience to explore the Performing Arts in a new way! Choose the Genre you want your students to learn, as well as the time length!

We also offer 6 and 12 Week Virtual School Residencies. These residencies meet for 1 Hour per week, and offer specialized instruction for up to 30 students. Your students can delve deeper into a style of dance, music, or theatre! 12 Week Virtual Residencies include a culminating video performance.

Student Classes

Students Classes are currently offered to children ages 2.5-18 years old! We have classes in different genres for your child to enjoy! Currently we offer both Unlimited Monthly Classes, Private Lessons and Drop In Classes. Classes are always offered live, and attendance will be limited to 15 children per class. Your child can immerse themselves in new styles of dance, learning to sing, fitness and what it takes to be an actor. Our Class schedule is still expanding!

Children Meditating
Educator Access

Now more than ever it is difficult to keep students moving during the day, with less opportunities for Recess and Physical Fitness. 

Whether you are doing in-person instruction or virtual instruction, we offer Lunch and Recess time webinar style classes. Currently offered as Fitness and Stretching and Mindfulness, with the schedule expanding. 

Keep your students moving no matter where they are learning from.

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